Group Buys and Cancellations

What is a Group Buy?
A group buy product is for items that are paid upfront before the manufacturing process and delivered at a later date. This sometimes can result in savings versus retail stores (not always). In addition, it can allow hobbyists to buy products that are unique and not available in any retail store. These items will have a limited purchase window so if you'd like one, make sure to get in quick!

Group Buy Policies
Change of mind and cancellations are possible (subject to change of mind fees) during the Group Buy period.

However, we encourage all customers to make sure that you are 100% certain of your purchase before committing to them.

Cancellations and refunds of group buy products will not be possible after the group buy window as the nature of the sale is for custom manufactured products and cannot be cancelled once submitted to the manufacturer.

Please visit the NSW Fair Trading website here for more information on your consumer rights.

Mixing of Group Buy and In-Stock Products
Please note that GB orders cannot be mixed with in-stock items or other GB's running concurrently. Orders that do this will be cancelled and refunded (subject to a 5% cancellation fee). Please do not request combining orders, as this will not be possible.