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Cherry Ergo Clear Tactiles

Cherry Ergo Clear Tactiles

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The Cherry Ergo Clear switch is a remake of the community frankenswitch of the same name. These are basically spring swapped Cherry Clear switches with a medium tactile bump.

It is also recommended to shave down the stem of these switches as the tolerances to keycaps are a little tight and can cause cracking.

We will not be responsible for any keycaps damage during the installation process.

Part Number

  • MX1A-H1NW


  • Actuation Force – 40g
  • Bottom Out - 55g
  • Pre Travel - 2.0mm
  • Top Housing Material - Nylon
  • Bottom Housing Material - Nylon
  • Stem Material - POM
  • Travel - 4.0mm
  • Mount Pin - 5pins

These switches are sold in packs of 10

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