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[Extras] GMK Black Snail

[Extras] GMK Black Snail

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GMK Black Snail

- Cherry Profile
- Double-shot ABS Material
- Designed by Geonworks

- GMK L9
- 70% Opacity on Accent Keys

Expected Production Completion
- Mid April

Expected Fulfilment Period
- Middle of Q2 2024.

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Regional Vendors
KR - Geonworks (Lead Vendor)
NA - Novelkeys
UK - Prototypist
EU - Eloquent Clicks
MY/SG - Mecha Store
PH - Zion Studios
TH - Aiglatson Studio
CN - KBDfans
AUS - Cafege
CA - Ashkeebs
JP - Yushakobo
NZ - Kiwiclacks
IN - Neo Macro
ME - Sandkeys

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