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[GB] GMK Rubrehose

[GB] GMK Rubrehose

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한국분들께서 주문시 배송지에다가 꼭 한글로 작성부탁드립니다.

개인통관번호와 전화번호도 연결된 성함하고 동일하지않을경우 통관이 불가능합니다.

이미 주문하신 고객님들께서 배송지 수정필요하시면 디스코드 아니면 웹사이트통해 연락부탁드리겠습니다.



Closing Date: June 7th 2024

Expected Shipping time: Q4 2024 - Early Q1 2025 

About The Set

Rubrehose launched in 2021 as a new brand from the maker Badchad, who was inspired by rubber hose animation art. This 1920s art style, also known as inkblot cartoons, was monochromatic or grayscale, and featured characters with "rubbery" flowing arms and legs, pie or conjoined eyes, and four-fingered hands with white gloves. Chad adopted this style while sculpting the first Rubrehose releases, and combined this with splashes of colour for DCS Deadbeats. Now this classic colourway is here in GMK CYL with matching deskmats and upcoming TGR Jane and Singa Kohaku Keyboards.

GMK CYL Specifications

  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Cherry profile (1-1-2-3-4-4)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • 1.5mm thick double-shot ABS plastic and UV printing
  • Designer: BadChad
  • NorDeUK Kit MOQ already guaranteed for UK & EU vendors
  • NOTE: - Final novelties may change slightly due to GMK requirements. Finalised Renders will be updated prior to Group Buy ending.


    Deskmat Specifications:

    • 900x400x4mm
    • Rough Textured deskmat
    • Printed in three colourways
    • Ships with the keyset if ordered together


    Matching TGR Jane & Singa Kohaku

    • Group Buys will be available at a later date (TBC)
    • Customers must purchase a GMK Basekit for the opportunity to buy an associated keyboard
    • Customers can purchase a total maximum of two keyboards, 1 Jane and 1 Kohaku, but must purchase at least 2 base kits to be able to purchase both
    • Jane and Kohaku will be available at a later date and ONLY GMK Rubrehose orders will be invited to participate
    • Only ordering 1 basekit will mean customers have to choose between Jane and Kohaku.


    Project History:

    The Seoul Mechanical Keyboard Expo wasn't merely a showcase of innovation; it became a hub for collaboration among key figures in the community. Representatives from renowned names like KLC, Rubrehose, GMK, and more gathered to address common frustrations faced by enthusiasts. These included the struggle to find perfect keycap sets, manage multiple kits, and deal with financial constraints. Their response was a collaborative effort to create curated, all-in-one keycap sets at more accessible prices. It wasn't just about a product; it was a collective journey towards a smoother, more affordable, and fulfilling enthusiast experience.

    This collaboration aimed to streamline the keyboard enthusiast journey by providing meticulously paired keycap sets, eliminating the need for multiple kits and offering them at more accessible prices. It symbolized the power of collective innovation and community spirit within the keyboard enthusiast scene, transcending mere product creation to forge a new path together. This project, known as the Seoul Collaboration, invites enthusiasts to explore its outcomes and join in pushing the boundaries of design and functionality for a keyboard experience that resonates with all.

    Regional Vendors

    • US & KR & ROW : KLC
    • AU: Cafege 
    • UK: Prototypist 
    • EU: Oblotzky Industries 
    • SEA: Maamaadei
    • CN: zFrontier

    Keysets and keyboards will be shipped separately. -While the estimated arrival times (ETAs) are similar, we'll need to ship the keysets and keyboards separately due to the high risk of damage during transit.


    Kindly note that the images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colours may differ slightly.

    Keyboards are shown for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with the purchase of these keycaps.

    The Novelties may require some small changes - these renders will be updated before the Group Buy Closes.

    Shipping Time and GB Agreements (PLEASE READ):
    These products are set to be shipped out Q4 2024 - Early Q1 2025but please check our updates for the latest information.

    Please note that this is a Group Buy. There can be delays and set backs. The timeline is only an estimate. By adding this item to your cart and purchasing you agree that you understand everything above. You will be charged immediately for this item. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders. Please do not purchase this item with other group buys. Only the items specified in each product picture are included with that particular product.

    For more information, please visit our Group Buy Policy Page. 

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