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Geonworks' Frog Mini Keyboard Kit

Geonworks' Frog Mini Keyboard Kit

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Geonworks' Frog Mini Barebone Kit

These will be available to purchase with either an MX plate or a HE Plate compatible for the Wooting PCB.

Please do note that the Wooting PCB will not be provided and this kit is made for those that want to transfer their existing Wooting PCB and HE switches.

Plate mounted stabs can be found here
HE Switches can be found here

Standoffs will be included with this keyboard kit.

Mount: Tadpole mount, Top Mount
Typing Angle: 6°
Front Height: 16.5mm
Top, Bottom Case - A6063 - T6
Inner, Outer Weights: Brass
Plate: A5052-H32
Weight (Unbuilt): 1.2 kg

What's Included:
Case (Top and Bottom)
Weights (Inner, Outer): Sandblasted and Clear Cerakoted Brass
Aluminium Plate (w/ leaf spring)
Carry Case
Feet (Black)
Tadpole Pins (80A)

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