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[Group Buy] F1-8X V2 Barebones Kit

[Group Buy] F1-8X V2 Barebones Kit

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F1-8X V2 Group Buy

Group buy fulfillment is expected to take around 6 months depending on the amount of units sold.

In-stock and Group buy items cannot be combined in an order except for what is specified in the add on section in the link below. Please make sure to place all items in cart before checking out.


  • O-Ring Gasket Mount (Plate and Plateless)
  • 9 Degree Typing Angle
  • 16.5mm Front Height
  • Aluminium Top and Bottom
  • Raw Copper Internal Weights
  • 3.3kg Built
  • Winkey and Winkeyless

What's Included

  • 1x Top Case
  • 1x Bottom Case
  • 6x Internal Weights
  • 1x Aluminium v1.1 Plate
  • 8x Bumpon Feet
  • 2m Viton O-Ring
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • Screws
  • Metal Tag

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Please note that this item does include a V1.1 Plate but not a PCB. To purchase a PCB, please refer to the add-on page below:

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