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Haimu Clear Linears

Haimu Clear Linears

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The Haimu x Geon Clears come in both prelubed and unlubed variants. The factory lubed option is locked to the long pole 3.5mm travel switch and the unlubed option only comes in the 4.0mm travel.

These are definitely a good option for those that want a smooth switch that do not require extensive modding.

These are a full transparent PC housing switch with a PA12 Nylon stem.


Switch Type – Linear, Prelubed, Unlubed
Bottom-out Force – 65g
Spring Length - 20.0mm
Spring Type - Single-stage
Pre Travel - 2.0mm
Top Housing Material - PC
Bottom Housing Material - PC
Stem Material - PA12
Travel - 4mm(unlubed)
Mounting pins - 5pins

Manufactured by HAIMU

Switches are sold in packs of 10

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