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Linworks Keycap Trays

Linworks Keycap Trays

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Two of the Lin Trays fits in the new GMK boxes.

Unfortunately we do not sell in sets of 2 but the 3rd tray can be kept for other types of keycaps like XMI and CRP.

Product Information

A triple level keycap tray that fits inside existing GMK Sleeves

Material : PET

Thickness : 1.2mm

Colours: Clear

Each set comes with 3 trays (1x A tray and 2x B trays)

3 Sets of trays (9 total trays) fit inside 1 packaging box.

Each level of tray comes with a lid.

Please keep this in mind as shipping prices can increase exponentially once a certain amount of Lin Trays are added to cart.

Note: Please keep in mind that not all GMK sleeves are the same size. Please insert these trays into the GMK sleeves with care. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the GMK sleeves.

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