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TKL Stacked Acrylic

TKL Stacked Acrylic

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Aluminium Plate

Got spare parts from your Frog TKL lying around? Designed in house at Cafege, cut by Laser Ninja and catered toward those wanting an affordable keyboard with high end features. The Cafege Stacked Acrylic keyboards all utilise the tadpole mounting method most commonly found in Geonworks' keyboards. They provide a flexible typing feel that can be adjusted using the different tadpole types and plate materials.

The TKL stacked acrylic board come standard with W1-AT bumpon feet and your choice of tadpoles.

You can also use your existing Frog TKL Plate if you wish.

This keyboard fits most universal H87, H88 right sided USB PCBs. We have a variety of Galatea Solder PCBs and Apollo Hotswap and PCBs which you can add to your purchase

Foam pieces for this keyboard can also be purchased here

What's Included

  • TKL Keyboard Barebones Kit
  • 8x Brass Standoffs
  • 16x Screws
  • 6x W1-AT Bumpon Feet
  • Your choice of Tadpoles
  • Engraving is optional and will be left blank

DM us if you want a custom colour made for you.

Examples of the colours available can be found here.

Depending on the custom colour, the price may be subject to change. Please consult us if you are unsure.

Please do note that this is a custom order item and can take up to a week for delivery. Also, refunds will be impossible once the custom acrylic colour has been acquired and cutting has commenced.

You can also find our very own build services here if you want to have us build your keyboard for you. Our build services include lubing stabilisers and assembling your keyboard and can be found here. Switch lubing services are separate and can be found here

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